• Accounting management

    Bookkeeping and handling of accounting from primary documents to financial statements.

  • Legal services

    Setting up and registration of companies (UAB, AB, IĮ, VšĮ, associations, European companies and other forms) all over Lithuania.

  • Services of chief accountant

Bookkeeping and handling of accounting from primary documents to financial statements:
  • registration of sale and purchase invoices;
  • records of cash and bank documents;
  • accounting of long term assets;
  • records of imprest accounts;
  • records of receivables and payables accounts;
  • payroll accounting;
  • fuel accounting;
  • quantitative and total inventory accounting;
  • preparation of write-off statements;
  • packaging accounting;
  • completion of Intrastat reports;
  • completion of reports to Statistics Lithuania;
  • applications for VAT returns from ES countries (via EPRIS);
  • tax calculation and declaration;
  • preparation of financial statements.
On the basis of our long-term cooperation agreement with legal firm UAB Jurista, we also offer the following legal services:
  • Preparation and analysis of various contracts;
  • Articles of association, bylaws and documents of incorporation for companies;
  • Registration of the amended information of the legal entity;
  • Advice on accounting, tax and legal issues;
  • Setting up various forms of legal entities;
  • Preparation of procedural documents;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Legal advice on civil matters (family, liabilities, material, administrative, employmentlabour law).

Services of chief accountant to companies. We offer our clients to log into our accounting software and upload primary documents themselves. Working with the same database, we can see and supervise the bookkeeping of primary documents.

About us

UAB Gisera is mainly involved in providing accounting services to companies.  For more than 15 years our skilled staff have provided accounting services maintaining the highest standards.  The senior accountants working in the company have graduated from the International Management Accounting Institute at International Management Accounting and have obtained the professional qualifications of an accountant recognised in Europe and beyond.

The company employs an advanced bookkeeping software that allows to provide highly professional services. We also allow you to access our accounting software online and view all reports and source documents yourself, at a convenient time, thus saving your company costs.

Our main operating principles include high qualification, integrity and attention to customer interests. UAB Gisera ensures that services are provided in a timely manner, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, accounting ethics and liability.
The company has a civil liability insurance.

We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation.


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